A Weekend in Miami For the Grown & Sexy  - Itinerary

A Weekend in Miami For the Grown & Sexy - Itinerary

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You know what they say: the girls go to Miami and come back with less friends *side eye*! Well we say, choose the right friend(s) to travel with, set expectations, budget accordingly, and conquer Miami together, in style.

This MIA itinerary is for the GROWN and SEXY! If you are looking to experience Miami in a more upscale way that is sure to be memorable, this one's for you. From high-fashion designer lattes to bottle service beach side to a full blown South Beach Cabaret encounter, you will not be short of the vibes during your time in the magic city. 

Download this itinerary filled with detailed recommendations, clickable links, and more, to guarantee you leave Miami with memories that last and experiences you'll for sure what to return to do again!