Food & Sights For A Weekend In Chicago  - Itinerary

Food & Sights For A Weekend In Chicago - Itinerary

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Planning to visit to Chicago? There are a couple things you’ll need to do: like eat Chicago-style pizza, see “The Bean”, take a river boat cruise, and more. Here’s your guide to the Windy City’s don't-miss attractions, dynamic dining scene, and "only-in-Chicago" experiences that you can’t miss! 

If you're planning to pop in for just a weekend, this itinerary is the perfect introduction to ChiTown! From sight-seeing to exploring the world-renowned architecture to fine dining, this is your guide for an unforgettable time in Chicago.

Download this itinerary filled with detailed recommendations, clickable links, and more, to guarantee you’ll leave Chicago with some dope IG photos, a full belly, a new favorite cocktail and of course, exciting stories to share, captured only while visiting The Chi!