The Greatest Group Trip to Houston  - Itinerary

The Greatest Group Trip to Houston - Itinerary

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Houston, we have a problem! Houston is the most populous city in Texas and in the Southern United StatesThis "Houston Hottie" serves up nationally recognized dining, shopping, entertainment and nightlife. H-Town features world-class attractions and events, to enhance any getaway and best of all, you'll find a number of things that are budget-friendly or even free, if you know where to look (or have this itinerary)!

Houston is the perfect destination for the GREATEST Group Trip, guaranteed! In fact, there are so many things to do in this beautiful city, you may want to schedule an extra day or two to experience it all because you'll absolutely leave wanting more. 

In this itinerary you'll find: brunch & day party vibes, the best happy hours across the city, fine dining for your life, night life needs and things to do! Download this itinerary filled with detailed recommendations, clickable links, and more, to guarantee you’ll leave Houston with some dope memories, stories you may or may not want to forget lol, and a for sure the time of your life in one Texas' most enjoyable cities!