Viva Las Vegas  - Itinerary

Viva Las Vegas - Itinerary

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! The best part about that is there are hundreds (probably thousands) of fun things to do in Las Vegas, so realistically you could really be on your own "type time". From live shows, to local special attractions to some of the best restaurants in the USA; Vegas has it all!

This Las Vegas itinerary is your guide to fully maximizing your next trip to Sin City, ensuring you and friends/family/bae (whoever you're with) DO VEGAS, the RIGHT way! Jam packed with detailed recommendations, including food to eat, nightlife to experience, day parties for the vibes and so much more, this guide is a guaranteed great time!

And of course, there's a list of FREE THINGS to do in Las Vegas as well, because DUH!  Now let's enjoy ourselves in the Entertainment Capital of the World!